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St Brigid's
Fr Mark

Sisters...Mary & Margaret & Fr Mark

Sister Margaret Armstrong and Sister Mary O'Brien are Loretto Sisters who work as Pastoral Associates here at St Brigid's. We come from a background of education with many years experience in Primary and Secondary education. In addition, Sister Mary has been in Parish ministry for eight years.

We endeavour to resource and support the ministers and ministries of our Parish as well as being involved in the local community:- working with others to bring the Gospel to life and further the promotion of Justice issues both in church and Society.

We minister in such areas as home and hospital visitation, support the sacramental program, the instruction of children enrolled in state schools as well as faith enrichment support and prayer groups.

Participation in the local community includes Deanery education workshops...Inter-Agency meetings and Aboriginal Reconciliation issues.

It is very rewarding to be part of such a welcoming, vibrant, energised and involved Parish led by a Pastoral leader who accepts people where they are and gifted with the ability to encourage and empower others.

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